Yard Skincare Deodorant - Cypress + Sandalwood 50ml

Yard Skincare Deodorant - Cypress + Sandalwood 50ml

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Aluminium free dry stick deodorant. Perfect woody, earthy scent for men or women.

Formulated with an infusion of adaptogens and essential oils to knock odours on the head with

  • aluminium free bicarbonate soda
  • astragalus to help combat excessive sweating
  • bentonite clay helps to reduce bacteria and moisture from the skin
  • coconut vinegar which is a wonderful antiseptic which helps to regulate the skin's pH levels
  • sage leaf to help with odour
  • proudly made in the beautiful Adelaide Hills

How to use

For best results when switching over from conventional deodorant to natural deodorant, use in conjunction with our amazing Detox-a-Pit 


candelilla wax, *shea butter, *cocoa butter, bentonite clay, *arrowroot powder, *coconut oil, aluminium free bicarbonate soda, *witch hazel, *coconut vinegar, 8sage, leucidal ECOcert, *essential oils, (*)organic