** NEW ** Wrenew & Co dark hue dry shampoo + application brush - 50g
** NEW ** Wrenew & Co dark hue dry shampoo + application brush - 50g
** NEW ** Wrenew & Co dark hue dry shampoo + application brush - 50g

** NEW ** Wrenew & Co dark hue dry shampoo + application brush - 50g

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A two in one dry shampoo and hair makeup for all brunettes. Featuring a wooden bamboo handle application brush with vegan friendly bristles.


  • REVITALIZE/CLEAN - An excellent all-natural solution that won't damage or dry out your hair, with greater oil absorption than generic chemical aerosol dry shampoos
  • VOLUMIZE - Designed to blend regrowth or fill thinning root areas to give the appearance of fuller hair
  • BLEND REGROWTH - Super versatile in performance, it suits light brunettes right through to super dark or black hair
  • MAXIMISE ROOT COVER - Also a great match for dark blonde hair, or acting as a root smudge for the dark roots of blondes
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - Contains 100% All Natural Ingredients; 60% of which are Organic
  • Formulated deep in colour, you can say goodbye to your hazy white dry        shampoo days!


Apply to fresh or dirty hair - creating incredible volume & texture. 

Dark Hue is designed to double as a type of hair makeup, by directing a thin layer of product directly to your roots / scalp, it softens the white scalp contrast and enhances the root or hair part - giving the appearance of fuller hair.

The amazing powder brush allows direct application to roots or thinning areas exactly where it's needed; reducing waste and mess. Please read detailed instructions and tips, located on the rear of the canister - before use.

Content Size: 50g

The recyclable canister is aluminium lining free - which means no metal damaging the goodness of the clay! They are also biodegradable once the label has been removed, 

The oversize canister is purposed for allowing excess powder to be tapped off within the canister to reduce waste and spillage. 
A short handled powder brush can also be stored inside.

Dutch Dark Cocoa, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Sodium Bentonite Clay, Activated Coconut Husk Charcoal & Pure Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

'The most amazing dry shampoo that doesn't make your hair feeel awful, I am totally obsessed!! Thankyou!!' Kelsie  'Its amazing! I also love that it doesn't have a horrible smell so I can comfortably wear it all day. Thank you so much.' Aleesha
'This dry shampoo is life! It's bee over two weeks since I washe dmy hair. I could NEVER have done that without this natural goodness previously. Thankyou for the amazing product!' Anna