Roseneath Melissa Oil 125mL
Roseneath Melissa Oil 125mL

Roseneath Melissa Oil 125mL

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Melissa preparations applied directly to the skin may be of great benefit in the management of

  • insomnia
  • broken sleep
  • nightmares
  • irritation
  • agitation
  • anxiety

Now With Lavender Abrialis Essential Oil for improved results

Both Melissa (Lemonbalm) and Lavender herbal preparations have been used since antiquity by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Melissa is rich in naturally occurring poly-phenols.



  • Massage 8 - 12 drops into the inner thigh, abdomen, inner forearm 30 minutes prior to sleeping
  • Do not over-apply
  • Too much may cause grogginess in the morning
  • Melissa Oil may interact with the actions of sedatives and tranquilizers



Undiluted Full Strength Extract of Flowering Organic Melissa officinalis in Pure GM Free Ricebran Oil with Lavender Abrialis Oil to improve effectiveness