Perfume - Desert Wood 30mL

Perfume - Desert Wood 30mL

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Precious Australian woods of sandalwood, buddha wood and agarwood are blended to produce our best selling 'desert wood' perfume blend, with its deep, mysterious, sensual and woody notes. 


      Simply spray a small amount onto skin and gently pat to dry. Reapply whenever required. Avoid open wounds.


      natural organic sugarcane alcohol, essential oils of Australian sandalwood, frankincense, white cypress, cedarwood, rosewood, styrax benzoin, rose absolute, buddha wood, clary sage and agarwood.


      Lou 'Definitely my favourite. Since leading a low toxic life, this fragrant ticks all the boxes for me. Moving away from chemical perfumes, I have found a new love in this delicious, sexy and mystical blend of oils. Having a great love for sandalwood, blended with rose, just means I can’t get enough. I highly recommend this to both feminine and masculine energy’s. So glad I have found a perfume I adore and it’s chemical free. I layer this in the same scent body oil for staying all day. I get so many compliments on this baby. Yum.'

      Keren 'As somebody who has a sensitivity to strong smells - this perfume is just what I’ve been looking for.'

      Rebekah 'I've never been one for perfume, I've always found them too 'sweet', floral or chemically. Desert Wood got me using perfume every single day and between this and the Captive cologne (which I also love) I'm set for life!'