Natural Edge Fulvic 30 pack
Natural Edge Fulvic 30 pack

Natural Edge Fulvic 30 pack

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Natural Edge Fulvic is 100% natural, custom colloidal mineral supplement which is especially formulated to help you achieve your nutritional goals. Fulvic acid, humic acid, essential minerals, trace elements and amino acids may be lacking in your diet.

These essential nutrients used to be found in our soil and food but sadly no longer due to poor farming practices in the last 80 years. A gradual build up of the trace elements and amino acids contained in Natural Edge Fulvic may support general health. 

Please see lab results of the Lamar test that shows exactly how much Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid is in The Natural Edge Fulvic. If the company won't give out these lab test results, then it is worth questioning the quality.

Many other brands on the market boast high percentages but often that is on the raw product, once processed, the % of humic and fulvic acid drop dramatically. One competing product was tested in this lab by The Natural Edge and while the marketing boasted 35% humic acid, lab results showed 0.817% Humic!!


For more information please go to , , ,

  • GMO free
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegan

For more information on this truly spectacular product see this great article below 'The little known miracle of life.' (You'll need to copy and paste the link below into duckduckgo... Normal browsers won't find it for you sadly.)

How to use

Open the serve and combine the ingredients with your choice of filtered water (chlorine free), fruit juice, smoothie or sprinkle over your food. Discard 2 pieces of the capsule. No flavour and easy to take. 


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Jerita T.
Positive changes

Ive noticed a huge change in my gut health.

Michelle H.
Australia Australia
Clear energy

Using this alongside a detox feel so clear and energised!! Super easy to use and no taste!

Tabatha S.
Australia Australia
Natural Edge Fulvic

I take one capsule daily to assist my health in replacing many essential trace minerals which are no longer present in every day foods due to soil depletion in our environment.

Judy T.
Australia Australia
Love this product

Fulvic minerals are easy to use and seems to make a big difference to maintaining my health. Thanks for doing the research about this product Jas.

Judy T.
Australia Australia
A real boost for my health

I used to take these minerals every day but tried to cut down in the interest of the hip pocket. However my health definitely suffered. I’m back to taking one capsule a day (in 500ml of water) and I’ll stay on this dose from now on. It certainly helps to keep my body is an excellent balance.