'May I be Grounded' Pulse Point Roller 10mL

'May I be Grounded' Pulse Point Roller 10mL

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A great natural perfume when you personally want to smell something oh so good! 

'May I Be Grounded' is a deep masculine blend helpful to settle the mind and anchor you to the present moment.

A lovely addition to your self care tool kit to support your mental health. Feel physically and emotionally supported.

These Pulse Point Therapy Rollers are a convenient and safe way to use Kindred Self aromatherapy blends wherever you are. 

Each roller contains a perfect synergy of pure essential oils diluted in nourishing coconut oil for frequent topical use. 

- 10ml reusable amber glass bottle with stainless steel roller ball
- Safe 2% dilution for regular use
- Blended with Palm free Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)
- Heartcrafted in Adelaide

Pulse Point Rollers are all refillable.

30mL refills bottles available upon request.

How to use

Roll directly onto your pulse points, wrists, feet, neck or over your heart space to ease emotional stress and bring a beautiful scent to your day.

We recommend storing bottle in an upright position.


fractionated coconut oil (palm oil free), pure essential oils of mandarin, cedarwood, organic bergamot, clary sage, organic lavandin and vetiver, organic rosemary leaf herbal extract