Limp/Fine/Oily Hair Starter Pack

Limp/Fine/Oily Hair Starter Pack

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Limp, fine and or oily hair? For giving body an fullness, your hair will never look and  feel better.

Ditch the chemicals and kick start your new hair routine with this starter pack.

Starter pack contains:

Tasmanian Real Beer & Honey Shampoo Bar x 1

Sensitive/Oily Conditioner Bar x 1

Apple Silk Clarifying Hair Rinse x 1

For more details on each product click on the links above.

To make your shampoo bar and conditioner bar last much longer, use our Air Dry Soap Saver to allow to dry out well between uses.

It is helpful to note that when switching over to shampoo bars, there can be a transition time of up to 4 weeks where your hair may feel sticky/waxy or look a bit greasier than normal - this is due to the build up of chemicals (often silicones) coming off of your hair. Stick with it, we promise it won't last forever. During this time you may find it helpful to wash more often.

1. When washing your hair, wash section by section of the scalp moving it finally through to the ends of the hair. Rinse WELL and repeat, rinsing WELL again.

2. Smooth conditioner bar only through the very ends of the hair and comb through, leave for a few minutes and rinse. You may find you don't always need to use this conditioner bar. Use sparingly if hair is very oily. You might be able to leave this step out all together, some people can.

3. Always finish with the Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse, 1/4 tspn dissolved in 2L of water, pour SLOWLY through your hair and DO NOT RINSE OUT.