Fur baby pet shampoo - 120g

Fur baby pet shampoo - 120g

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Chemical-free pet care is as important for animals as it is for us, since harmful chemicals are absorbed through the skin in the same way. Your doggie deserves it!

  • rich in moisturising gentle waxes and oils
  • especially for sensitive, dry, flaky skin
  • fights pesky fleas with powerful natural essential oils including Tasmania’s exciting new Kunzea and antibacterial Indian neem oil
  • easy rinse lather for soft, shiny coat and healthy skin
  • 100% biodegradable pure vegetable soap
  • 100% chemical and detergent free – does not strip vital moisture and oils from coat / skin
  • when not stripped by detergents, coat and skin return to a healthy state, lubricated by their own naturally occurring oils (sebum)
  • dry, sore, flaky skin conditions (often aggravated by the drying synthetic products used before) improve almost immediately as the skin and coat recover their natural healthy state
  • Conditioner? we strongly suggest a simple natural cider vinegar rinse (1-2 tablespoons in last rinse water) that our grandmothers used in simpler times to rinse out any remaining soap, restore the pH balance and leave doggies coat naturally glossy and soft


mountain spring water, coconut, olive oils, soy wax, neem oil, seaweed extract, leatherwood beeswax, essential oils including kunzea, eucalyptus, pennyroyal, tea tree

'I’m so happy with this dog shampoo, I have a british bulldog with sensitive skin and a nose roll that has always been a pocket of grossness that always needed daily cleaning and having to apply a cream to stop it from getting festy. Since using this shampoo I have not had to do any extra maintenance on her nose at all, it’s been perfectly clean right up to her next bath and her skin isn’t bothering her at all anymore. It’s so easy to use too, it soaps up beautifully and rinses out so quick and easy. This is a fantastic product thank you!!' Lisa

'I have been using the “Busters Bonza Bewdy Bar” for a little while now & we ran out last time we went to bath our darling Labrador, so we used an off the shelf shampoo to get us through. I must say that after using Busters Bar & then having to go back to the other horrible stuff we used to use I can highly recommend this product. The Bewdy Bar cleans so much better and doesn’t irritate his skin and keeps him smelling wonderful for weeks longer than the other stuff we used to use. I am so so so very impressed – thank you Beauty and the Bees for such a wonderful product.' Renee

'I bought these soaps for my two Staffy’s, the only product I know of that completely clears up any skin irritations. I have since lost one of my Staffy’s and now use it on my Aussie Bulldog. These types of breeds are well known to be prone for allergies and as I said this soap is the only thing that stops all that. I have recommended it to my friends for their dogs it is such an excellent product and it lasts and doesn’t cost a fortune and I know it doesn’t have harmful chemicals in it. Thank you 🙂' Kara

'I purchased the Gorgeous Georgie’s gloss bar and it is tremendous am absolutely thrilled with it.
I found it so simple to use; and best of all both Oliver and Lucy’s coats have never been softer or shinier for as long as this before.
I have now been recommending the gloss bar to my friends and family for their pet pampering.' Sabina