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Earths Purities Detox-A-Pit was created as switching to a natural deodorant from a toxic one can be a frustrating and costly exercise for many. Many people encounter odour, excessive sweating, rashes, redness and irritation. This is generally not the product causing this but the health of your armpit. After many years of using antiperspirants, sweat glands get blocked and your system gets loaded with toxins, heavy metals and impurities with no outlet of escaping.

  • having trouble switching over to non-toxic deodorant?
  • having rashes or irritations with natural deodorant?
  • still feeling a bit pongy?
  • wanting to clear out the toxins that have been going into the armpit area for years?

This product is for anyone who wants to improve their health and keep the armpit in optimal condition. Even if you use natural deodorants or no deodorant at all, toxins build in our systems with everyday life. Bad choices in food, alcohol, stress, hormones, medications and environmental pollutants.

Detox-A-Pit is a completely natural formula that harnesses the incredible power of Mother Nature to magnetically draw out toxins and impurities with ingredients such as Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Australian Bentonite Clay, Food Grade Activated Charcoal, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Colloidal Silver and Coconut oil. You will see discolouration go, redness and rashes disappear and best of all… more odour!!!

All it takes is 10 minutes a day for 7 days to successfully detox your armpits. Just spread a small amount with your fingertips to your armpits. It is that simple. Just relax and let the ingredients work their magic. Shower and wash area with warm soapy water and you will be clean and fresh with smooth moisturised armpits. The product will not stain your skin. Some may experience some redness due to blood being drawn to the area, but it should not be painful or irritating. If irritation occurs, remove immediately.

To assist in detox, please wear natural fibres and drink plenty of water.


food grade diatomaceous earth, australian bentonite clay, food grade activated charcoal, organic apple cider vinegar, colloidal silver, certified organic coconut oil and vanilla & Almond extract (**fragrance (please read below) – 100% natural).

** the extract used in this product is actually a plant based extract called Naticide which is a natural vegetable based broad spectrum preservative. It is one of the only broad-spectrum preservatives that is considered 100% natural, can be used in certified organic formulas and your products can be classified preservative free. It is one of the preservatives approved by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) association. It is classified as a fragrance/parfum because you cannot use it's trade name on a label. It is an excellent product, not as widely used as it should because it is priced like gold, it can be the most expensive part of a formula hence why many choose to use a cheaper and toxic option.


Rhonda 'I can’t tell you how much I love this product. I have been using natural deodorants for over a year now and have always had a slight rash, discolouration and odour. After using detox-a-pit all this has gone away. Its so easy to use and I can even go without using deodorant at all and have no odour. I use this every day now as part of my daily routine. Thank you for making great products'.

Alison 'This product is amazing. I have had issues ever since I switched to a natural deodorant over 18 months ago. I’ve had rash after rash and odour. I’ve needed to reapply sometimes 3 times a day just to keep the odour at bay. Then I tried the detox-a-pit and all my problems have disappeared. I’ve now gone days without wearing any deodorant. This stuff is absolutely amazing and I am now a regular user. I am telling all my friends about it and can’t thank earths purities enough for creating such a needed product – 10 stars'.

Linda 'I’ve been using natural clay based commercial deodorants for 9 months now and thought I would try Detox a Pit as I react to most of these products with bicarbonate soda ( get a pink rash) as I suffer from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). I tried this product for 7 days and it really reduced my BO. I went to the beach on a hot day for 1 hour and had no BO using deodorant. I actually forgot to put deodorant on today after a swim & had no BO! Don’t forgot to drink lots of water when detoxing too.'

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Judy T.
Australia Australia

Worked really well

It was easy to use and seemed to make a big difference to my under arm health!

Thomas Z.
Australia Australia


Within 1 use already noticed a huge difference in the armpits in general especially in regards to sweating/smell, virtually gone, almost no need for deodorant (but not gonna do that lol)

Briony L.
Australia Australia

Absolutely love this product

Detox-a-pit does exactly what it says... Was amazing to not wear deodorant during the detox phase and not experience any odour at all. I have been wearing non aluminium deodorant for many years and I was interested to see if this product would make any difference and it has! Amazing!

Meagan B.
Australia Australia

Happy Armpits

Really good, easy to put on and clean off. Was pleasantly surprised of the outcome

Chantelle P.
Australia Australia

Best product!

I love this armpit detox. I was slightly skeptical if it would work but it's actually SO great. I have recently used it for 7 days straight and I don't smell at all even after a long day at work, even when I forget to put deo on. Unheard of for me. I'm wrapped. It's slightly messy as it dries (tiny bits flake off) and smells strongly of apple cider vinegar but I already knew this before I tried it so I didn't care. Best product. I'll buy again.