Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse - 40g

Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse - 40g

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This clarifying rinse is the perfect partner after washing hair with one of the shampoo bars and/or conditioning bars. It closes the hair cuticle for shiny tangle free hair. Also excellent for a light toner after cleansing the face with one of the face and body soaps.

  • Removes the silicone plasticisers in commercial conditioners that create build up on the hair over time, leaving your hair soft and silky.
  • Portable, light weight and not liquid! Great for traveling.
  • Includes the fruit acids from lemons and apples with real silk powder for an added smooth silky feel.
  • Brightens and softens leaving hair cuticles flat and smooth for maximum shine.
  • Hair enhancing herbal extracts of horsetail, nettle and calendula to soothe the scalp.
  • Tones and tightens the face after cleansing.

For outstanding results start with one of our Shampoo Bars followed with the Honey Silk Hair Conditioning Bar of the ends of the hair and then finish with this wonderful rinse.

Go green, reclaim soft, shiny healthy hair & scalp, save money and stop plastic packaging going to landfill. Part of the 4 step Naturally Healthy Hair simple routine.


How to Use

Incredibly economical, with over 40 rinses per tin. Use just a 1/4 teaspoon to two litres of water as a last rinse in exactly the same way as our Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioning Rinse – view the video on the How to Videos tab.


Citric acid, malic acid, modified tapioca starch (non GMO), herbal infusion, silk powder


Elisa 'This is a great product! My hair has a tendency to feel squeaky and tangly when shampooed clean, and this product makes it feel smooth, silky and virtually tangle-free after rinsing. I highly recommend it!'

Jane 'This works amazingly! I found apple cider vinegar left my hair a bit stringy and then another natural conditioner didn’t wash out properly leaving my hair feeling waxy. If I just use shampoo bar my hair is still clean and soft but a bit fluffy, so I thought I’d give this one a go, as I do prefer to use a conditioner. Incredible! This is so so good! I rinse my hair out after washing and my hair is so soft and silky afterwards! My hair has never been better. And I’ll never wash my hair again without using this afterwards! And it’s so economical because it lasts so long.'

Kathryn 'Just used this product for the first time and as with every other product I purchase from here it is faultless. Hair is soft and shiny and feels healthy. Have been using these products for about a year and my hair and skin has never been better . Many compliments. Bless you Beauty and the Bees and bless you Tasmania'