Advanced TRS - Single Pack

Advanced TRS - Single Pack

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Safely Remove Heavy Metals and Other Toxins From Your Body

  • Advanced TRS facilitates detoxification at a cellular level to attract, trap and remove heavy metals, toxins and other contaminants.
  • Heavy metals, radio active elements and other toxins are extremely attracted to the cage-like structures of the nano-sized zeolite molecule.
  • The zeolite used in Advanced TRS is Clinoptilolite, a substance that has been scrutinized in 1000's of research studies for it's safety and effectiveness.
  • The zeolite is in nano-sized particles = significantly higher effectiveness with more surface area to bind to heavy metals and toxins.
  • These nano-particles are suspended in water molecules so the zeolite can go wherever water can go in the body, even crossing the blood brain barrier
  • The nano-zeolite in Advanced TRS is lab grown to ensure complete purity unlike naturally occurring zeolites that are always contaminated with heavy metals and toxins (due to their nature).
  • THE ZEOLITE MOLECULE STRUCTURE is like a molecular sieve that traps toxins and carries them out of the body, safely and effectively.

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The suggested daily usage rate is 5 sprays per day. For example: AM 3 sprays, PM 2 sprays. Most people start with one spray a day and monitor symptoms and increase / decrease usage rates as needed. Each bottle will last one month at 5 sprays.


Pure water, Proprietary Processed Manufactured Clinoptilolite.


Jasmine Taking Advanced TRS has literally changed my life. I had SO MANY health issues for over 15 years that I could never get on top of permanently even with lots of help from great naturopaths, changing my diet, doing every cleanse under the sun, acupuncture, colonic irrigation, chiropractic, massage, daily skin brushing, regular yoga and thousands upon thousand of dollars worth of supplements. I always knew I had a heavy metal problems and that they were contributing to my health decline but I never knew what to do about it.

My life is so different in the 6 months that I have been getting rid of these heavy metals and toxins with Advanced TRS. I no longer have debilitating and painful periods, my hair has stopped falling out in clumps, my digestion has improved, my fatigue that I have lived with for years has gone, I am sleeping much more deeply, the low level back pain that I have lived with for a year after injuring my disc in June last year has gone, all of my 'hayfever type severe sypmtoms' that I would have all year round have gone, my libido is improving, my brain fog is gone, I have had systemic candida issues for over 10 years that have resolved, I feel much happier and more joyful in general, the blood sugar regulation issues I have struggled with for most of my adult life are gone... and the list goes on.

Needless to say I am overjoyed that I have found TRS. Who knew that toxins and heavy metals were at the root cause of some many problems for me?